Cultural Puerto Vallarta, the unknown side of town

If you love arts and history, and you like your trips to have a strong cultural baggage. Look no further, Puerto Vallarta will surprise you with its deep artistic and historic offer.

There is something about a beautiful bay of the Pacific, with the perfect weather and amazing beaches, that makes it difficult to consider the place as anything more than a tropical destination for leisure and relax. Sometimes, this approach can be misleading, as it’s the case with Puerto Vallarta, a city famed by its natural wonders, but with some much more to offer that usually goes unnoticed.

First, let’s get this straight: when talking of Puerto Vallarta, we refer to the whole Banderas Bay area, including Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta Mita, Sayulita and San Pancho. In this region, in the last few years, there has been a boom of cultural amenities unparalleled in any other tourist destination of the country.

I mean, it’s not like if Puerto Vallarta has taken on the biggest Mexican cities on terms of cultural life, but what I am saying is that this “little beach town of the Pacific” has put itself in the map of art and culture by its own merits.

Today, gallery owners, art dealers and collectors visit Puerto Vallarta as part of their normal roundabouts in search for quality art. The area has become home to a wide community of artists, both national and foreigners, that gives to the place an air of sophistication and cosmopolitanism.

The uniqueness of Puerto Vallarta that combines the small town atmosphere, with all the services and facilities of a big city, has attracted many people to the region, as you can enjoy a tranquil life, without missing a bit of the modern-day lifestyle. This combination of circumstances, added to the natural wonders known by everybody, is what has allure so many artists to moved in to Puerto Vallarta.

This proliferation of artists brought in consequence plenty of art galleries and studios that keep alive the cultural vibe of the city. Just like the different art walks in the Banderas Bay do week after week with open exhibitions in different galleries, that include cocktails for visitors.

The first one to come-up with the idea was of course, the Historic Center Art Walk at Puerto Vallarta’s downtown; ever since, some other art walks have been inaugurated at Bucerías and San Pancho, communities well-known for its artistic soul.

But the cultural appeal of Vallarta is not reduced to the plastic arts, since March 2010, the region has a first class theater in “Teatro Vallarta”. This venue has open up the opportunity to constantly bring world-class spectacles to town, as the recent presentations of the Ballet Bolshoi playing “Don Quixote” and the Hungarian show “Presidance”, are still fresh in the minds of residents.

Teatro Vallarta has its own signature play called “Fandango” which has received great critics from the media and a warm welcome from the public. “Fandango” is a mixup of traditional Mexican dances in a colorful exhibition of Mexican culture. It runs all year, so you will always have the chance to taste this piece of Mexican folklore.

“Los Mangos” Library is the other great pillar of culture in Puerto Vallarta. With a permanent offer of courses, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, plays, charity meetings and social programs, “Los Mangos” has become the heart and soul of the cultural life in the Banderas Bay. The library is a true cultural center, with a huge influence in the community as a whole.

Another plus on the cultural side are the historic towns near the bay, such as San Blas, San Sebastian and even Tequila, provide a glimpse to Mexican history, thus keeping with the cultural trip, as not all culture has to be art. These towns will take you through an open window to old Mexico, the one of the “Haciendas”, silver mining and handcrafted tequila production, from the end of the 19th and beginnings of the 20th century.

All in all, Puerto Vallarta puts together a very attractive option for a cultural trip, it doesn’t matter if it is art, history or Mexican traditions what you are looking for, you will find interesting proposals, and the best part of all is that when you get enough of the cultural side of townHealth Fitness Articles, you will find yourself at a tropical paradise.

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